Travel Tips

  • Use Google Flights to find the best deals

    When you type “book flight website” into Google, you’ll get a list of websites such as, ebookers, Expedia,, etc. But you may be overlooking one of the most powerful search engines & user-friendly website out there: Google Flights.

    While it had been launched in 2011 (who knew), it was ‘relaunched’ last year and got some really exciting features added which I want to highlight here.
    Search for flights with Google Flights

    At first glance, everything looks quite familiar: you need to enter departure airport(s) and destination(s), preferred dates, travel class (economy, premium economy, business or first class, number of travellers, … = nothing new […]

  • Must follow: best travel deal websites

    Yes – I just flew in Business class to Bangkok for only €190!

    I’ve already written about how to save money on flights or frequent flyer programs that are worth joining (for free) and I could go on & on about how I spent 9 free nights in Bora Bora, Moorea & Tahiti but perhaps it’s more interesting if you’re able to create your own travel story!

    If you’re looking for an amazing deal or want to know more about travelling and loyalty programs, you should start keeping track of the following websites. The “best websites for travel deals” are a must, others are optional.

    You can follow them on […]

  • Earn miles from hotel stays

    To people who aren’t familiar with earning rewards & travel loyalty programs, I would say:

    you earn miles from flights
    you earn points from hotel stays

    However, this needn’t always be the case as you can also earn miles from hotel stays. Not everyone is into collecting points, so this can be a great deal if you’re looking to add some miles to your preferred frequent flyer account and have a specific redemption in mind. For example: Japan Airlines First Class.
    Read: Airline Frequent Flyer Programs 101 – the basics

    How to earn miles from hotel stays?
    Similar to booking a hotel on other Online Travel […]

  • Cashback websites for hotel & flight bookings

    By keeping track of promotions, doing a price comparison or reading the beginner’s guide to cheap luxury travel, you already know quite a few tricks to find the best price for your hotel stays. But are you using cashback websites as well?
    What is a cashback website?
    Cashback websites give a percentage or fixed amount to its members for using its affiliate links.
    How do cashback websites work or how to use them?

    Browse the internet
    Determine which item (e.g. hotel stay) you want to purchase and on which website (e.g.
    Before making your purchase or reservation, visit the cashback website (examples below)
    Use link provided on cashback […]

  • What is the best OTA website to book your hotels?

    Some of my finest travel moments I’ve experienced thanks to loyalty programs, so I’m a big advocate of booking on the hotel’s website or “” websites such as,,, etc. because it enables you to earn a lot of points that you can use towards free nights & receive status benefits such as complimentary breakfast & room upgrades.

    Read more about which hotel loyalty programs you should join – even if you’re not a frequent traveller.

    But what if you’re not staying at Sheraton, Crowne Plaza, Hyatt or JW Marriott hotels? Should you book directly with the hotel?
    Check the hotel’s website & competing websites
    First thing […]

  • Tips & tricks for cheap business class & First class flights

    The cost to transport a passenger compared to the price of a ticket can be completely irrelevant. An airline can sell tickets for €1 – €100 (and I’m not just talking Ryanair) while other tickets can cost +€5.000.
    Fare pricing is rather complex and depend on factors such as market demand, available seats, ticket flexibility, willingness to pay more, etc.

    Obviously every airline wants to make a profit, but not every ticket has the same price for the same product. The person sitting next to you, if you’ve followed my advice, will have paid more than you.

    I’m going to give some examples and tips […]

  • Airline frequent flyer programs 101 – the basics

    This is an overview of some of the best Frequent Flyer Programs (FFP). Similar to “Hotel loyalty programs 101”, it mentions examples,  best use of miles and good vs bad things about these programs.
    Airlines’ Frequent Flyer Programs 101 – The Basics
    It is a common misconception that only frequent traveller can benefit from earning miles. You can obviously earn miles from flights, but thanks to a wide variety of partners you can also earn miles for every day spending by using a credit card for purchases such as gas, groceries, clothing, …
    There are also often interesting sign up promotions where you […]

  • How to get a free night at luxury hotels

    “I use because they always have the best price.”
    Best Price Guarantee or Best Rate Guarantee is well-known for its “Best Price Guarantee” but in reality, if you find a lower price on a competing website they just match it, no extras. And actually, they don’t always offer the “best price” – au contraire.

    Remember that if you want to earn points and receive status benefits you need to book on the hotel’s website and not on sites such as,, Ebookers, Priceline, … I book 90% of my stays on the hotel’s websites. Read more about why these hotel points are often […]

  • Hotel loyalty programs 101 – the basics

    “How are you able to travel all the time? Always staying at luxury hotels?” – First question people always ask.
    I might have the same travel budget as you, but I make good use of promotions and hotel rewards programs to stretch my budget so that I can take 4,5 or maybe 6 trips instead of 2.

    It doesn’t matter if you travel for business or leisure, stay 4 or 60 nights per year at hotels, even if you are not a frequent traveller, these hotel rewards programs are definitely worth joining and it’s free.
    Which loyalty programs should you join?
    I’ve compiled a list of my favourite […]