• The Chernobyl & Pripyat Tour

    Visiting sites associated with death, tragedy & disasters isn’t something how most like to spend their day, nor it is the most pleasant thing to do. It is done with spiritual reflection & respect for the people who suffered from the devastating events that turned their world upside down, seperated them from their loved ones or even worse, ended their lives…
    Furthermore, it’s important we do not pretend it never happened and turn a blind eye, they are a part of recent history and should not be forgotten.
    Auschwitz, the House of Terror, Ground Zero, Chernobyl, … all these places make us very […]

  • Visiting the Petronas Twin Towers

    Paris has the Eiffel Tower, Dubai the Burj Khalifa, Rio de Janeiro the Cristo Redentor statue, San Francisco and the Golden Gate Bridge… and Kuala Lumpur’s iconic landmark? The Petronas Twin Towers for sure.

    The sixth & seventh tallest buildings in the world are arguably the most photoghraphed buildings in the entire city and together with the Kuala Lumpur Tower, these magestic towers dominate the skyline as you’re driving into the city.
    The Skybridge connects the two Towers at level 41 (170m above ground) and the best view over Malayasia’s capital is to be found on the Observation deck on the 86th […]

  • A Guide to Rio de Janeiro – Part III – Perfect day at Copacabana & Ipanema

    I love Rio de Janeiro, simply l-o-v-e it. What I am so overly fond of, are the beaches located in Zona Sul. You’ve heard of them, right? Do Leblon, Leme, Ipanema, … or perhaps Copacabana ring any bells? Allow me to go on a limb, but I’m pretty sure they do.

    Hotel prices tend to be fairly high but no way was I going to stay in Rio de Janeiro without having a view over Copacabana in the morning. Absolutely out of the question. Nonetheless, the first few days of my time in the city would more than likely be spend […]

  • A Guide to Rio de Janeiro – Part II – Tour of the city

    Getting to know and trying to understand customs, cultural differences or similarities are unmistakably a part of a genuine travel experience. We are always on the look-out, hoping to catch a unique story, one not yet written down in the latest version of Lonely Planet nor caught on camera by National Geographic. We want to be told truthful stories, ones we  cannot find by going through lines of tourist propaganda.

    Some guided tours, preferably offered by locals although not essential, may take you up and down alleys others wouldn’t. They might tell tales being told in bars giving you an insight […]

  • A Guide to Rio de Janeiro – Part I – Confeitaria Colombo

    A friend and I recently returned home from a 25h quick getaway to Porto, departed Brussels on Saturday morning, back home for dinner on Sunday night. We had our laughs, shared some drinks, relaxed and had a great time without a care in the world..

    Not really did we plan anything in advance, seeing as we both were thinking the other would be the guide through the city.. However we did do some research and came across “Top 10 Most Beautiful Cafes in The World” and let our Concierge at the hotel book us a table for lunch at Café Majestic. Unfortunately, it […]

  • Top of the Rock or Empire State Building?

    During my first trip to New York, or even the United States for that matter, possibilities and ideas of joyful activities were plentiful! In addition to the countless must-do’s, I went to Madison Square Garden to see the Rangers defeat their Hudson River rivals, attended a Yankees game on a sunny Sunday afternoon and enjoyed watching people queue for tickets to the NFL Draft…
    However, what would a visit to the Big Apple be without some sort of a splurge? Not taking into consideration my seemingly endless shopping spree…  Instead of choosing between the two typical tourist attractions where you are […]

  • Because a birthday party at McDonalds is so 90’s…

    Unless an intercalary year has anything to do with, we all celebrate our birthdays once a year. Dinner party at the local Tex-Mex restaurant, catching the new box-office hit, 15 minutes of adrenaline on the indoor kart circuit or a sleepless night out in the town…  Some people start planning months in advance, others just tend to go with whatever comes along. Although all these things have a certain charm and are perfectly fine, a festive occasion calls for some grandeur!

    No more “Been there, done that.”

    Being passionate about traveling, going abroad seemed like the most logical thing to do and when […]

  • Would you care for some scones, Sir?

    In February I visited London once again, after getting acquainted with it a week prior to the 2012 Olympics.
    As there are so many cities in the world that I haven’t visited before, I am normally not a big fan of going back to a city so quickly.
    However,  for London, I was more than willing to make an exception.

    When you find yourself in a remarkable place for the second time, everything feels so much more relaxing, there is no rush what so ever. You see the hurdles of tourists crowding each other for the perfect snapshot of London Eye from the banks […]

  • Tango as if you were a porteño

    My most recent trip was a true hunt for frequent flyer miles to culminate my quest towards United Premier Gold which comes with some nifty perks.
    After having a short one day stopover in Madrid, it led me across the Atlantic to Buenos Aires and Montevideo.

    The vibrant, cosmopolitan city of Buenos Aires was the primary destination, the raison d’être. For some reason I was almost certain it would be a lovely place to visit, but I never imagined it to be… amazing.

    When thinking of Argentina, one will most likely associates it with juicy grilled steaks, full-bodied Malbec wine, Messi-like football, & […]