• New Zealand, Highlights of a beautiful country

    Before heading to New Zealand, I spent a few sunny days in Sydney! After about 10 minutes of wandering around, I realised why so many people stay and choose to call it home. I can enjoy several days in the countryside, but it are the big cities that really excite me!

    Sydney now ranks in the top 3 of favourite cities in the world, together with Cape Town & Buenos Aires!
    After saying my goodbyes to the lovely city, I continued my journey to New Zealand where I would be spending nearly two weeks, hopping from one place to another, one highlight after another. By the time I arrived […]

  • Tongariro Alpine Crossing, best walk-in-the-park ever?

    Tongariro Alpine Crossing
    Hi everyone! I’m still travelling through New Zealand and today I flew from Taupo to Wellington to Nelson, just two flights of my current airplane bonanza to which I might just add one more flight in a few days. I arrived here at 10AM which gave me the entire day to sip cocktails by the pool. Which they didn’t seem to have, the cocktails I mean, the pool was there and so was the sun so I am once again a well-rested man.

    Sorry for spamming your social media feeds yesterday, but I went on what is probably one of […]

  • What to visit in Tehran

    While I’ve ‘mentally’ started packing my bags for my next trip that will start in roughly 10 days, I thought I’d share some more things about one of my favourite trips in 2014. I’ve waited a bit longer to publish the ‘things to see in Iran’ list because my homepage on the blog was starting to look like all-things-Iran. Not that that’s a bad thing of course, but still some variation is always interesting.

    One of the best things about visiting Iran, is that you feel like you’re always discovering.. You’re visiting museum and sites you haven’t seen before on the interweb […]

  • Walking in Stockholm

    I like to believe that the best time to visit the Christmas markets in Europe is somewhere between December 1st and 15th. Simply because it isn’t too crowded yet, it’s a stressless & cheery experience. Unlike the weekend before Christmas when all hell breaks loose…
    If you’re planning a romantic getaway, keep in mind that a lot of four & five star hotels offer rooms, or even suites, at bargain prices! Business travel is quite slow that time of year.. Just make sure you book your flights or train somewhat in advance (2-3 months).

    I hadn’t visited Sweden yet, I had never even […]

  • Weekend in Edinburgh

    It may be a stereotype, but when thinking of Scotland, a few things come to mind: haggis, rain, whisky and the Highlands. If you’ve seen some of the stunning photographs taken at the Highlands and especially the more-than-impressive Isle of Skye, one can easily imagine that I’m looking forward to visit that part of the country. As far as I can tell, judging by the pictures, only New Zealand and Iceland are in the same league of such extraordinary green landscapes. For now, the Highlands remain a trip that still needs to be planned.
    Weekend in Edinburgh
    Edinburgh however, was on our agenda for now, […]

  • Petra by night and relaxing in Aqaba

    Much of my previous posts have been about my trip to Iran, I still have a few to publish but there’s just so much to share…I’ll get to those very soon. I’m also very happy that I’ve already convinced at least two travellers to visit the country as well, mission accomplished!

    September was a very busy month for me, after nearly 3 months of travel detox, I had Lisbon, Iran and Jordan scheduled in my calendar. All within a few days of each other.
    When I left Shiraz on September 22nd, I knew I would be flying Turkish Airlines again only a few days […]

  • Stories from Iran

    “Why Iran?” People all asked the same question over and over again. I didn’t get it then and I still don’t get it now. What’s wrong with wanting to visit Iran?
    What’s wrong with exploring a country of which so little is known, of which so little is spread all over the internet.
    I’ve never actually seen the “Mona Lisa” painting, but the internet has ruined the idea of ever intentionally visiting Le Louvre to see her. It seems like I’ve seen her a million times already. Where’s the fun in that?

    But Iran? What do you actually know about Iran?
    Azadi Tower by night
    One of the […]

  • Hotel & transportation options in Iran

    When I was preparing for this trip, I already addressed some things you need to know about travelling in Iran. Due to numerous sanctions imposed against the country, it’s not possible to make a hotel reservation directly using a debit- or credit card which isn’t issued in Iran. You probably won’t find many hotels listed on sites such as booking.com or priceline.com for example. So your options are to:
    (1) book a package deal/guided tour with a travel agency (€€€€)
    (2) use a (local) tour operator to help you (€€)
    (3) start emailing (which I did)

    Booking a hotel room in Iran
    Not every hotel is going to […]

  • Soaring above the clouds in a glider

    As I’ve said before, I’ve been spending a lot of time at the festivals lately. All good fun of course, although this also means that weekends that might have been spend flying to whatever destination that comes to mind, are now weekends that are scheduled to take place on the ground. Call it ‘confessions of a frequent flyer’, but up until last Saturday, I hadn’t been airborne in 61 days… I was completely going bonkers. It wasn’t always like this, but soaring above the clouds has a very therapeutic effect on me nowadays. It makes me feel at ease.

    My next trip starts today, destination Lisbon, Portugal. However, I simply couldn’t wait […]

  • Stories from Tokyo

    Bangkok, Koh Samui, Bangkok again and then onwards to Tokyo, the month of May was fantastic. And with only a few things in mind that I really wanted to see or do in Tokyo, I arrived in one of the largest cities in the world, eager to wander around for hours and hours. On the first day I was meeting a girl for dinner & drinks, someone who I came across on Instagram several months before when she was posting pictures from her visit to Belgium. What was planned to be a brief encounter, a few good laughs and stories, ended up being a […]