Swiss CSeries CS100 pictures – Brussels to Zurich

Swiss C Series - CS100 interior

Swiss C Series – CS100 interior

If you passed by gate A45 at Brussels Airport on Sunday August 21st, you may have noticed that some festivities were taking place, which included cake, cava & a speech. And a brand new plane.

Swiss was showing off their new Bombardier CSeries (CS100) and I was on flight LX787 from Brussels to Zurich.

Although it was supposed to be the first visit of the aircraft to Brussels Airport, it had already been there a few days prior because of a technical issue with another aircraft. Nevertheless, cake, hand shaking, ribbon cutting & bubbly were in order to celebrate this occasion.

For Swiss, the Bombardier C Series is going to replace their fleet of old Avro RJ100 – which may very well be fantastic little planes if you’re a slim avgeek who doesn’t mind a bit of ear damage.

Swiss currently has 30 orders for C Series 100 & 300 (the larger version) which they will be taking delivery of the next few years.

Bombardier, the aircraft manufacturer, has already delivered its first 2 CS100 to Swiss, the launch customer.

Swiss Cake Swiss Cake

All seats are created equal on the CS100, except for the exit row, so economy class & business class seats are the same, you do have some more privacy in business class because there should always be an empty seat next to you.

If you have a look at the pictures, you’ll notice the seats are in 2-3 configuration so you’re best bet is always to try & grab a seat on the left handside of the plane – which can be great if you’re travelling as a couple.

Swiss C Series Business class row 1

Swiss C Series Business class row 1

Swiss C Series - Bombardier CS100 interior

Swiss C Series – Bombardier CS100 interior

Here’s where the C Series is supposed to stand out: noise reduction, more personal space (seats) and fuel efficiency.

I cannot confirm (nor deny): the latter statement but apparently it’s 25% less fuel consumption than an Avro RJ100). The other two are definitely true.

I travel with the new Bose QC35 wireless noise cancelling headphones – I might switch to the in-ear version on September – but to really appreciate the CS100 I didn’t use them for most of the time and it is indeed MUCH quieter inside the aircraft, even during take-off! Something which was definitely noticeable when I flew an A320 only a few hours later, it’s such a big difference.

Also – perhaps totally random – but the lavatories were really spacious…

Flight from Brussels to Zurich

Flight from Brussels to Zurich

Swiss Business Class Breakfast

Swiss Business Class Breakfast

While the breakfast on the flight from Brussels to Zurich was fine, Duval Leroy champagne was a good companion to go along with it, the dinner on the flight back home to Brussels (operated by A320) was fantastic – probably the best meal in business class I’ve ever had – did you check my Instagram Stories?

Approaching Zurich with the Swiss CS100

Approaching Zurich with the Swiss CS100

Swiss Bombardier CS100 at Zurich Airport

Swiss Bombardier CS100 at Zurich Airport

Swiss Lounge E gates - outdoor terrace

Swiss Lounge E gates – outdoor terrace

If you happen to have a long layover at Zurich Airport, I can highly recommend visiting the Business or Senator Lounges at E-gates, which offer a fantastic avgeek view over the airport – not to mention that Senator lounge has over 120 Whiskies!

I was on Jetairfly’s 787 promotional flight (Brussels to Ostend 🙂 ), went out of my way to fly Qatar Airways A350 between Singapore & Doha, showered at 40.000 feet on Etihad’s A380 and awkwardly ended up on Ryanair’s inaugural flight between Brussels & Berlin Schönefeld (did they gave out Coffee Tumblers which was nice). So anyway, happy that I flew the Swiss CS100!

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