Review: Qantas First Class A380 Sydney to London

Last year I flew Qantas First Class A380 from Sydney to London, with a (relatively) short fuel-stop in Dubai. Before getting on flight QF1, I spent some time in the excellent Qantas First Class lounge in Sydney.

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I was one of the first passengers to board the aircraft giving me ample time to take some pictures of the interior & seat without having to blur people out (or them awkardly looking at me why I would be taking pictures of a seat control panel).

Qantas A380 First Class cabin

Qantas A380 First Class cabin

Qantas First Class A380 cabin & seat

The First class cabin on Qantas’ A380 has 14 seats, 5 seats on both sides (rows A & K) and 4 in the center (F). Because row K & J share the same aisle, I would suggest selecting row A for more privacy and tranquility. The galley is behind the first class cabin, while the three toilets where in the front, thus I had selected seat 2A.

Qantas First Class A380 2A

Seat 2A

Qantas First Class A380 seat 2A

As you can see in the picture below the seat can swivel to the left so that it can recline and ultimately turn into a bed, however for take-off & landing the seats needs to be facing the front, so you’re not able to watch TV. Qantas Inflight Entertainment system on the A380 has over 1.500 entertainment options so it shouldn’t come as a surprise that I’ve raved about it before…

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There were lots of storage options: my large backpack went under the footrest, my laptop under the small tray table in front, camera next to me, shopping bags in the overhead bin and glasses & cellphone in one of the drawers.

Also pleasant during the long flight: the 3 airvents made it possible to adjust the flow of fresh air around my seat.

Qantas A380 First Class

Qantas First Class seat

Although the seats aren’t fully enclosed with sliding doors, like Etihad Airways First Class on the A380, they still offer plenty of privacy. Note that the dividers between the seats go up after take off.

Qantas A380 First Class seat


Qantas A380 First Class

Seat 2A

Qantas A380 First Class seat - headrest

Qantas A380 First Class seat controls

Seat controls

I think the seat & massage controls speak for themselves: excellent.

Qantas First Class catering

Qantas First Class appetizers

Bubbly & appetizers

Flight QF1 departs Sydney at 3.50PM, lands in Dubai at 12:25AM and departs again at 2:10 AM so that you arrive in London at 6:55AM so you’re travelling for +24H.

Here’s the problem: I ate in the lounge, there were two menus (one for each segment), I wanted to have waffles in the lounge in Dubai, I ate a ‘midnight snack’, … I ended up having to skip a few meals because I was stuffed.

Thanks to the partnership between Emirates & Qantas, Qantas First Class passengers can also use the Emirates First Class lounge in Dubai (few pictures below). Meaning a nice hot shower and delicious waffles.

Qantas First Class Sydney to Dubai menu
Qantas First Class wine list Sydney to Dubai to London

Tuna tataki with Moroccan eggplant & cumin mayonnaise
Quail empanada with lemon yoghurt

Slow roasted Blackmore’s Wagyu with fresh ricotta, pickled cauliflower and carta di musica

Short soup with chicken and chive wontons, ginger, shallots & sesame oil

Roast Murraylands lamb rack with chickpeas, Dutch carrots and zhoug

Qantas First Class canapés

Gin & Tonic and Canapés

Qantas First Class food

Wagyu, ricotta & carta di musica

Qantas First Class food

Soup with chicken & wontons

Qantas First Class food

Roast Murraylands lamb

Somewhere during the flight I had a little craving…

Qantas First Class catering - signature steak sandwich

Signature Steak Sandwich

For the second part of the flight, you could choose to have Supper and then again breakfast before landing, but I decided to only have one dish 😉

Qantas First Class A380 Dubai London

Slow cooked lamb with rice boukhari and coriander yoghurt

Emirates First Class Lounge in Dubai

Few pictures from the (huuuuuge) lounge

Emirates First Class Lounge entrance

Emirates First Class Lounge Dubai – Entrance

Emirates First Class Lounge Dubai-7 Emirates First Class Lounge Dubai-6

Qantas First Class A380 Sydney to London

The 24h journey went by rather quickly, I wined & dined during the first segment of the flight and slept extremely well afterwards. After the refreshing shower in Dubai I watched some movies and relaxed, but I can imagine that the lack of Wi-Fi can be rather bothersome for business travellers and I also would have preferred to catch up on some emails before landing at London Heathrow.

I’ve read a few reports mentioning that Qantas First Class doesn’t do “fine dining” and while it’s true that they don’t serve caviar (e.g. Thai Airways serves my favourite), I did enjoy the meals and wines served were excellent as well.

The crew only flies to Dubai and then their (London-based) colleagues take over for the remainder of the flight, both teams were really friendly and attentive, I’ve never met an unhappy Qantas cabin crew member.

I used miles for this trip and when I called to piece my itinerary together I first asked for “Sydney to Dubai & Dubai to London” but the agent was unable to find an award seat. When I suggested that she would look for Sydney to London, she did see the seat and was able to book my ticket.

Bottom line: Qantas First Class was excellent & I would really recommend it.

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