• Top of the Rock or Empire State Building?

    During my first trip to New York, or even the United States for that matter, possibilities and ideas of joyful activities were plentiful! In addition to the countless must-do’s, I went to Madison Square Garden to see the Rangers defeat […]

  • Would you care for some scones, Sir?

    In February I visited London once again, after getting acquainted with it a week prior to the 2012 Olympics.
    As there are so many cities in the world that I haven’t visited before, I am normally not a big fan of going […]

  • Tango as if you were a porteño

    My most recent trip was a true hunt for frequent flyer miles to culminate my quest towards United Premier Gold which comes with some nifty perks.
    After having a short one day stopover in Madrid, it led me across the Atlantic […]