“Unlimited” 10 EUR vouchers for INNO

INNO, the well-known department store which has 16 stores in Belgium in cities such as Brussels, Antwerp, Leuven, Hasselt, Liège … is currently offering a 10 EUR discount voucher to anyone who signs up for their newsletter before February 29th 2016.

You can appy the voucher for a minimum purchase of 50 EUR, in stores or even online.

What’s so great about this deal is that the vouchers are not limited to 1 per person and you are able to generate an ‘unlimited’ number by signing up with different email addresses. The voucher is linked to the email address, not name or home address.

Signing-up for the newsletter

There are TWO ways to sign-up for the newsletter to receive the discount voucher.

  1. You visit the INNO website and click on the link “Schrijf u in” or “Inscrivez-vous” which redirects you to a webpage where you need to fill in name, surname, email address.
    Do not use this method
  2. You visit the INNO website and scroll down until you see the field to enter your email address to receive the same 10 EUR voucher. However you do not need to enter any additional information. Email address & click the button. The email is delivered instantaneously and the voucher looks like this:
INNO 10 EUR voucher

INNO 10 EUR voucher

You can repeat signing up to receive the newsletter with different email addresses! So you could generate an unlimited number of 10 EUR vouchers!

What some people do not know, is that with GMAIL accounts the position of the “dot” doesn’t matter:


will ALL forward to the same email address, it is considered one. So you can sign up multiple times using just one GMAIL account.

How to maximize the vouchers?

-if you are buying more than 1 item, split your purchases so that the bill is just over 50 EUR to be able to apply the voucher. If you’re buying 3 t-shirts of 50 EUR each, you will need to place 3 orders to benefit from a 10 EUR discount each time, that’s an additional 20 EUR saved VS placing just 1 order!

you can even use the voucher during the current promotional periode “SOLDEN” on top of the 30%, 40%,… already advertised.

-you cannot use multiple vouchers for the same order, so no stacking coupons.

-Delivery is free for purchases >50 EUR

The vouchers are not valid for purchases of electronics, books, food, services, Gift cards, perfume, … so basically you can use them for clothes, shoes AND travel gear! 🙂


  • Jeroen

    Great tip which I’ve been gladly used various times during the sales period & online. You can even collect the additional points on the INNO membercard. Thanks !

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