Use HotelTonight for last-minute deals

Why you should consider using HotelTonight

I’ve always been a strong advocate of booking your hotel stays on the website, giving you benefits such as complimentary WiFi, potential upgrades, ability to earn points etc. Even if you’re not a frequent traveller, there’s lots of value to be had.

Of course, if you’re not staying at chain hotels (Hilton, Hyatt, Sheraton, …) you might be better off using an Online Travel Agency (OTA) website such as or Agoda.

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But what if you are looking for a hotel last minute or are considering a weekend getaway this Friday or Saturday? HotelTonight might just have what you need.


By using the HotelTonight app or mobile website you can make a reservation for a hotel stay tonight, tomorrow or up to 7 days out. You could even book for arrival in 7 days from now and stay a whole week if you want.

HotelTonight lets hotels offer their room inventory, which otherwise probably would go unsold, at a considerable discount without having to undercut the room rate on other websites such as, Expedia, etc. that might still generate more revenue.

You can use HotelTonight in popular cities and destinations such as Amsterdam, London, Barcelona, Melbourne, Auckland, Zurich, Zaragoza, Dublin, Frankfurt, Glasgow, Antwerp, Washington, Cancun, Guadalajara, Vienna, Dubai … and many more in North America, Central & South America, Europe, Middle East and Africa. Just not yet in Asia.

Each destination has a select number of hotels, divided into different categories HIP, SOLID, BASIC, LUXE, … to further identify which type of hotel you’re getting.

HotelTonight has been around for a few years but recenly I’ve spotted some very good deals that aren’t available on other websites, but always make sure to doublecheck using Trivago, Hotelscombined or

It used to only be possible to make a reservation for “tonight”, but that was a bit too last minute for most travellers, even for me. So they enabled bookings up to one week in advance attracting more potential interested travellers.

Hotel Indigo Barcelona – part of IHG – available for only €89 while “sold out” on their own website! I paid +€125 two years ago around the same time so a great deal.

Hotel Indigo Barcelona

Hotel Indigo Barcelona

Pentahotel Brussels Airport only €41! I recently stayed at Pentahotel Leuven and was quite pleased by it (used to be Mercure hotel). It’s €62 on!

Pentahotel Junior Suite

Pentahotel Junior Suite

€20 promo code for first time users!

What’s even more awesome is that they have a referral bonus of €20 for first time users! So that €89 Hotel Indigo hotel just turned into only €69. Or your stay at the airport for an early morning flight will be just €21. Other websites are not displaying similar rates – not even close.

If you download the app – use code SLUCKERMANS for €20 discount on your first hotel booking with HotelTonight.

HotelTonight Georate

HotelTonight has also introduced “georate” to further implement segmentation and to offer different rates depending on one’s location. The thought process behind the georate is that someone in Belgium looking for a hotel in Amsterdam needs to take into consideration cost of transport, time management,… so their willingness to pay €70 is different than someone who’s already in Amsterdam and might be ok with paying €85 for the same room.

PRO TIP: consider using a free VPN (e.g. Tunnelbear) to alter your location.

To download or not to download?

I think that HotelTonight really adds value to the market and there are often interesting deals to be had, the €20 promo code (SLUCKERMANS) is a very nice extra for first time users.

I wouldn’t count on scoring a significant discount during times of extraordinary demand (World Cup, big festival, etc) but otherwise, it’s absolutely worth keeping in mind.

If you don’t want to download the app, you can also browse the website on mobile devices.


This post may contain referral links and I may receive compensation for using some of these links or referral codes. You don’t have to use these but I’m grateful if you do.

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