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LOT 787 Business class

LOT 787 Business class

Yes – I just flew in Business class to Bangkok for only €190!

I’ve already written about how to save money on flights or frequent flyer programs that are worth joining (for free) and I could go on & on about how I spent 9 free nights in Bora Bora, Moorea & Tahiti but perhaps it’s more interesting if you’re able to create your own travel story!

If you’re looking for an amazing deal or want to know more about travelling and loyalty programs, you should start keeping track of the following websites. The “best websites for travel deals” are a must, others are optional.

You can follow them on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, sign up for emails or add the RSS feed to your Feedly account. Some deals are only available for a limited time so whenever I’m on Social Media, the travel deals currently available pop up.

Best websites for travel deals

  • Secretflying
    In February we spent 9 days in Japan and visited Tokyo, Osaka & Kyoto. I was able to purchase my flights from Brussels to Tokyo for only €180 round trip! Thanks Secretflying.
  • Extreme Hotel Deals
    If you’re looking for “suite” deals, Extreme Hotel Deals has you covered. They publish some fantastic sales for hotels!
  • Holidaypirates– Vakantiepiraten
    Earlier this year I bought a business class ticket to Cape Town for only €520 during a flash sale. I immediately booked a quick trip to South Africa (act now, think later). Holidaypirates has country specific websites (UK, NL/BE, UK, IT) – but amazing deals are shared on all websites.Read more: Review of Ethiopian Airlines 787 Business class

There are many more, but when deals appear they are quickly shared on the above websites. I learned about the sale of charter flights in Business class to Bangkok for only €190 from a Polish website, but Secretflying quickly shared the same info within minutes.

Best websites loyalty programs

  • LoyaltyLobby
    All things loyalty programs, special discount offers, travel rewards etc. The layout may not look very appealing (pictures edited with MS Paint) but the content is good and the advice is solid.
  • Head For Points
    Main focus lies on UK travel market but also good info for European travellers in general.
  • FrequentFlyerBonuses
    List of all the ongoing promotions for hotels, car rentals, airlines and others. Text only but worth checking before you make a reservation; who doesn’t like a “Buy 3 get 1 free offer”?
  • One Mile At A Time
    If you’re wondering which Business class or First Class seat is more comfortable or which airlines scoop the best caviar, Ben has you covered.
    He writes 2-6 blog posts per day, you don’t have to read them all (focusses on US) but he is “in the know” about a lot of things.

Best websites – travel & community

  • Flyertalk 
    Most popular & largest travel community in the world that discusses all aspects of travelling, loyalty rewards programs, hotel reviews, …
  • Jumpseat
    The new Belgian equivalent of Flyertalk, only available in Dutch so you can connect with fellow Belgians or Dutch people and it’s great to discuss deals targeted for the BENE(LUX) or European market.
  • Frequent Traveler University
    HOT in the US of A and for the third time in Europe, after sessions in Amsterdam & Oslo, now being hosted in Berlin from June 10th to 12th. Yours truly’s name is again listed amongst the speakers.

Also worth checking:

The Complete Guide to cheap luxury travel or Beginner’s guide category are great places to start and the reviews should hopefully inspire you to travel to some amazing destinations!

Are there other websites to follow for the best travel deals?


  • Steeve

    When did you book this flight to Bangkok?
    I follow Travel Deal websites for around 6 months but I have never seen this deal.

    • Sven Luckermans

      I booked approx. 10 days ago…

      • Steeve

        Very sad I didn’t see.
        Bangkok is a great city.

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